Poker still offers excellent opportunities for career building, with income potential that stands out, even in a Western European context. However, navigating the maze of poker strategies alone can be extremely challenging. The truly successful careers are forged by those who learn from accomplished professionals and develop within a community where members support each other. Team Hero provides exactly that!

Our group specializes in the most popular NLHE games: welcoming applicants for cash games, Spin & Go and tournaments.

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heavenwalker (MTT)

I've known the team since the beginning. I immediately knew I made the right decision when I joined. Achieving results in online MTTs alone is very challenging – it requires the right education, and TH guarantees that.


Our groups provide the opportunity to take the first steps with the guidance of experienced instructors. Team Hero, uniquely, welcomes complete beginner players. If you know the rules and love poker, we will teach you the winning strategies.

We’ve assisted numerous players in their poker careers who were previously losing at the lowest stakes. Today, they are earning substantial amounts in mid/high stakes games.

Our cash game section offers training from beginner levels up to NL200-NL400 stakes, the Spin section covers from beginners to $100 stakes, and the MTT section provides education up to an average buy-in of $20.

Poker evolves rapidly, but with us, the latest knowledge is always accessible.


Everything is here for individual development. We get the basics, personal leak finding, and coaching to improve our game, with constant support from the instructors. Additionally, I belong to a motivating community, in daily contact with teammates. I can't imagine a more efficient way to progress.


Besides having someone to help with hand analysis, what I love most about the team is seeing others continually improve, starting from small stakes and gradually playing at higher limits. This motivates me a lot. I receive many excellent pieces of advice, mastering strategic intricacies, becoming better month after month. When I joined, I aimed for NL100, but now I'm close, much faster than expected, reaching it in just a few months. Since then, my goals have become much bigger...


I believe applying to Team Hero was one of the best decisions of my life. Poker was a hobby for a long time, and I tried to progress on my own. I never truly believed I could be a professional. Now I see how wrong I was... I wish I joined earlier...


I am fortunate to be part of this community since its inception. I've witnessed the team's growth from the beginning and the process that resulted in building a truly professional system. I think in this environment, every aspiring poker player has everything they need to continuously develop, keep up with current trends, and achieve excellent results, receiving plenty of new impulses.

What we offer

Team Hero provides top-notch education in the following game types: NLHE 6-max cash game, Spin & Go, MTT.


Team Hero currently offers training in three game types: NLHE 6-max cash game, Spin & Go, and MTT.

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NLHE 6-max

The department’s head is Red, a pro at NL400. He works with players at NL100-NL400 stakes. Zenderman teaches players at NL20-NL50 stakes, and Lucky Fitty instructs those at NL2-NL10 stakes, both being NL100-winning players.

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Our lead Spin instructor is Davidgeszt, a regular at $50-$100 Spins. Lower stakes are mentored by Pizza46, playing in $25-$50 games, and Csiga19794, a multitabling crusher at $5-$10 stakes.

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Here, former PocketFives world-ranking leader Breeth (Twirlpro) disciple, Patr1ckz, assists players aiming for success at a $20 average buy-in.



If you want to join one of Team Hero’s departments, fill out the application form below for the game type that interests you. After applying, we will contact you shortly.